Life and Times of a High Energy Treasure Hunter

Adventure and Treasure Await Amongst the Stars

Abby the Kitten
25 January 1987
middle of somewhere
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action movies, adventure, ancient architecture, animals, anime, archaeology, archery, art, battle axes, beaches, boating, camping, card/board games, computers, crossbows, daggers, drawing, exploring, fishing, folklore, gold, green living, hiking, history, horseback riding, horses, hunting, jewelry, lakes, legends, listening to stories, money, music, mysteries, mythology, nature, oceanography, photography, pirates, precious gems, reading, rivers, robots, roleplaying, sailboats, sailing, sci-fi, science, ships, silver, sniper rifles, space, sports, star gazing, swimming, swords, technology, throwing knives, treasure, video/computer games, white-water rafting, writing stories
I'm a small, cute, adventurous, fun-loving, hyper, energetic, a bit of a klepto, gamer, treasure hunter girl. I do what I like and want, whenever the mood strikes me. I can get a little carried away with my obssessions and interests, but other people do so as well, so if they don't like it, that's too bad for them.